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Staff blog

Staff blog

June 12, 2020

It is no good in hot spring without losing heat!♨

Hello, it is the city Office.

In here these days, hot days increased!☀☀☀

That you who feel fuzzy without being able to go for an outing while going out self-restraint continues!

Shall we go to sweat without any regret in Utoro Onsen of Shiretoko? ?

There are many spa hotels full of charm including Shiretoko Dai-ichi Hotel and the north fist Shiretoko hotel & resort in Utoro Onsen!

In addition, we look at world natural heritage now in Shiretoko and can enjoy sightseeing cruise that natural animal is seen in (*'ω' *)


In us, popular Utoro Onsen accommodation plan is available for guidance!


How is accommodation leisurely in Utoro Onsen while enjoying nature and sightseeing by way of drive?♬

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