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News from Nakashibetsu Airport

News from Nakashibetsu Airport

June 17, 2020

It is asked for notice of Hokkaido corona system e-mail address registration.

At Nakashibetsu Airport, it is notice of Hokkaido corona system

Of e-mail address registration ask.

Oh, it is like that

Oh, it is like that

"Notice of Hokkaido corona system"

All of you in the case of facility use and Events participation,

E-mail address is registered by QR cord

We used the same facility on the same day when we had

When infected person is confirmed from, the north

We tell by E-mail from coastal highway.



◆About the acquisition information

・On the registration date and time, we acquire only place, e-mail address.

・When we used only prevention of infection spread and passed in 60 days,

 We will cancel immediately.

・Full name, address, phone number, action history (positional information) is one

 Cutting off does not profit.

※In the case of registration, the details, please identify Terms of Use.

Oh, it is like that




①Please enter at this QR cord.


②We register and are completed when we will register (automatic reply)

 Email arrives.

③Infected person of coronavirus new in our restaurant (venue)

 When there is the use of this, is E-mail from Hokkaido

 We transmit in this.

④Correspondence that we follow contents of email after the reception

 Please do this.

In addition, it is notice, tourist information center at each Nakashibetsu Airport entrance

As we set up in this, please see.