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Staff blog

Staff blog

June 26, 2020

Percent not to see how, it is finally started!

Hello, it is the city Office.

How do you not go out to trip in discount using percent not to see, everybody? ?

It is in Hokkaido and, in Hokkaido, intends toward the house

As part of demand awakening activity to let area activate again,

Percent not to see how to assist tour costs in way is going to be enforced on Sunday, June 28.

And we handle target product in our restaurant!

Accommodation in way becomes what discounted by one up to 10,000 yen per night!


As the release in our restaurant becomes start from 14:00 on Monday, June 29,

Please use all of you! (*'ω'*)

TEL: 0153-72-4911 FAX: 0153-72-5065

It is year-end and New Year/Sundays and holidays on regular holiday at 17:30 from/8:30 on Saturday at 18:00 from/8:30 on weekdays