Weather around the airport

Staff blog

Staff blog

July 5, 2020

Today's Nakashibetsu Airport

Good morning.

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As for today's weather, as for fine weather, the expected highest temperature, 25.6 degrees Celsius, expected minimum temperature are 16.4 degrees Celsius.

Weather Information:

Sunny with a high of 78 degrees Fahrenheit and a low of 61 degrees F.

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[business hours of today's shop]

Green shop 8:30-17:00

(we have Shiroikoibito)

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[the sky this morning]

In very comfortable morning, it is after a long absence.


The blue sky, scenery from the sky are absolutely fantastic as far as they look around!



It seems to fly away from now on.


We missed that we lost deck entrance of 3F and were crowded.



by sora