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Company profile

Company profile

Business name Nemuro Nakashibetsu Airport building
Representative President Minoru Nishimura
The location 〒086-1145 16-9, Kitanaka, Nakashibetsu-cho, Shibetsu-gun, Hokkaido Google Map
The establishment date December 9, 1987
Capital 498 million yen
The number of employees Six men, woman 13, 19 people (three inner woman parts) in total


Name Nakashibetsu Airport third kind
In-service start July 28, 1989 
Renewal April 4, 2008
Structure Part of wooden construction, reinforcing rod mixture 3 stories
Area Building-based 3,818.82 square meter (the inner 1,498.32 square meter enlargement) 
42.68 square meters of attached facilities
Runway 2,000m *45m
Entry of company All Nippon Airways
Parking lot 375 normal cars
(shoot 16 two consideration zones for exclusive use of person with a physical disability) 
Eight large cars
Restaurant 1 store (the second floor)
Shop 2 stores (the second floor)
Disabled toilet Three places
(the first-floor arrival lobby, the second-floor shop side, Departure lounge)
Nursing room One (the second floor)
Bank, ATM Unavailable
Locker One (the first floor)


Nemuro Nakashibetsu Airport building
〒086-1145 16-9, Kitanaka, Nakashibetsu-cho, Shibetsu-gun, Hokkaido
Phone (0153) 73-5601/FAX (0153) 73-3628