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Recruitment of Nemuro Nakashibetsu Airport building April, 2021 adoption employees essential point (university graduates)

The employment form Regular staff
Is going to adopt; the number of people One person
The offer type of job ANA sole agent duties
The general affairs, accounting duties
Eligible people 1. Where technical school, junior college, graduation from university have a possibility in March, 2021
Offer subject All department whole school department
Entering a company time April, 2021
Starting salary 1. University graduate/173,500 yen
Raise in salary Once a year
Bonus /that there is twice a year
Other benefits Overtime entitlement, commutation allowance, housing allowance
Holiday vacation Eight times - ten times a month (annual holiday number 105 days), annual vacation by shift duty
Work location Nakashibetsu Airport (Nakashibetsu-cho, Shibetsu-gun, Hokkaido)
Office hours Shift duty of 8:00-19:00
Welfare program Equipped with various social insurance
Selection method Composition, interview
Selection schedule

1.Reception desk period from June 23 to August 24

2.Selection day August 28

Inquiry 〒086-1145
16-9, Kitanaka, Nakashibetsu-cho, Shibetsu-gun, Hokkaido
Nemuro Nakashibetsu Airport building general affairs department adoption charge
[application method]
Submission documents Resume, transcript with photograph, graduation certificate (certificate) with possibility
Submission Nemuro Nakashibetsu Airport building (the reference mentioned above)
The application deadline It must arrive by August 24